Stanford’s Dr. Majumdar to lecture on ‘Literature as Sin’


Stanford Professor Dr. Saikat Majumdar will be at North Central Nov. 15, presenting on the topic of “Literature as Sin.” The lecture will be held in the newly dedicated Wentz Science Center in Room 101 from 7-8 p.m. Majumdar’s research focuses on British, Irish and World Anglophone literature in addition to studies of postcolonialism and globalization.

In addition to his extensive studies of literature, Majumdar is a thrice-published author. He most recently penned a novel, “The Firebird,” which is being made into a feature-length film. His name can also be found on the covers of the novel “Silverfish” and nonfiction work “Prose of the World.”

The lecture he will be giving week 10 can be summarized as: “If the global dream of the European Enlightenment imagined a secular, cosmopolitan, and “progressive” future, the dream seems to have fallen under deep shadows in the recent years of the twenty-first century. What does this mean for literature, an art form whose corporeal body, if not also its inner soul, emerges as part of this very modernity? Is the crisis of literature in the public sphere today part of this crisis of modernity? What futures are possible today for the arts the literature?”


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