Artist of the week: Alexandra Wilkin


Our artist of the week is Alexandra Wilkin ’20. She is a music liberal arts major for both vocal and instrumental. Wilkin’s also majoring in musical theatre.

Gianna Scheuneman: Musically, what activities have you been or plan to be involved in here at North Central?

Alexandra Wilkin: I am the section leader for the concert winds as well as a member of concert choir and chamber winds. I am also involved in the musical theater department and participate in the swing dance club on campus.

GS: As a sophomore, what is something you hope to achieve in the next two years as a music student at North Central?
AW: One of the things I hope to accomplish for the college over the next two years is to create a partnership between North Central and either a nearby dance studio or hopefully with Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago.
 GS: What is the biggest challenge you have faced with the music department, and what advice can you give to yourself, or another music student, to improve from the challenge(s) you’ve faced?
AW: The hardest part for me is choosing between the things I love most. The program makes it hard to be involved in all that I want to and have a passion for. For someone who’s struggling with the same thing, I would say try it! Do everything you can. It’ll make you tired beyond belief, and it will make you question what you truly love, but once you find it, you will have no doubt that you chose the right thing. Once you find your passion, you can run towards it full on and have no regrets.
 GS: What professor has had the biggest impact on your music career at North Central so far and how?
AW: The professors that have made studying here worth wild are Genna Walden and Sean Kelley. Walden has not only been my professor, but she has been my friend and has helped me and encouraged me in everything I do. Kelley has pushed me to become the best I possibly can be. He challenged me by putting me in a 300-level class my freshman year and continues to push me as a musician in chamber winds.

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