The making of a perfect blow off class


In school, there are a lot of classes students are required to take such as algebra, geometry, biology and many more — the boring general education classes that everyone must suffer through. Once you get past your gen eds, you will likely take some classes that are easier, like electives, a lot of which can be classified as “blow off” classes. These blow off classes are ones that students don’t take seriously and ones that usually don’t require a whole lot of work to pass. They are the ideal classes to take when students have a schedule packed with other difficult classes that require more studying and work.

The perfect blow off class is one where there is no attendance policy, for starters. Many professors have attendance policies that reward students points for showing up, and deduct points if they do not show up. With no attendance policy, there is a greater chance that students will show up less, especially if a lot of the homework and readings are to be done at home.

On the flip side, a class can be a good blow off class if simply showing up to class makes up 20 percent or so of your grade. Those are easy points and simply showing up puts you in a good spot to pass the class right from the start.

Another thing I look for in a blow off class is when everything can be accessed online. We’ve all had those classes where all of the assignments are online and can be done from home. There are also those classes that put all of the notes that they go over in class online. This makes for the perfect scenario because you don’t have to go to class to write down everything that was taught, all you have to do is print out the notes and follow the instructions from the handout that was posted online.

The last thing that makes a class a breeze is when the exams are open book, open notes or allow a cheat sheet. This allows for students to just look up the information and not study for that class’ tests.

David Siciliano, who is currently at Louis University, had similar views on what makes a great blow off class. “Honestly, when there is no attendance policy and all of the notes are posted online, it makes for an easy class because you don’t have to take notes and can just relax until its test time.”

Adam Cooper, who attends College of DuPage, says blow off classes make school easier. “With so many difficult classes, everybody needs a blow off class to lighten their work load for the semester.”

Blow off classes are something students live for as it makes their college lives easier. There will always be those classes that are more challenging and need your full attendance and participation all semester, but blow off classes help you to focus on those classes you really need to.


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