nccLIVE: Kira Savegnago


Our guest on nccLive this week is Kira Savegnago, ’20. She is a double major in musical theatre and anthropology.

Madeline Klepec: Since you are part of Sonata problem, what is your favorite part of being in the group?

Kira Savegnago: My favorite part about Sonata Problem is that we are a family. We are all so close, and every week, we get together to do something we all love — sing!

MK: Is there a particular genre you like to sing?

KS: There isn’t really a particular genre I prefer over the other. I’ve sung a wide variety of genres, anywhere from musical theatre, pop, classical and rock. It’s hard for me to decide.

MK: What is your favorite musical and why?

KS: I think my favorite musical (that I’ve seen live) is either “Cabaret” or “Singing’ in the Rain.” Even though they are both very different from each other, they both have incredible music and great storylines.

MK: What do you hope to do after you graduate from North Central in terms of singing?

KS: I will continue singing after I graduate. It’s something I see always being a part of my life. I’d like to continue adding covers to my YouTube channel. I would love to record an album one day!

Catch Kira tonight at 7 on nccLIVE via The Chronicle/NCClinked Facebook page.


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