What are the odds? The side game to the Super Bowl


Millions of Americans will tune into the Super Bowl this Sunday, though many of them will be looking for more than just the final score. Their interest lies instead with the nearly 1,000 available proposition or “prop” bets. These unique wagers are placed on “something that happens during the game that doesn’t affect its outcome” according to ABC News. This can be anything from if the opening coin flip will be head or tails to the color of Pink’s hair. The American Gaming Association estimates $4.76 billion in total will be wagered on the Super Bowl.

Here are just some of the hundreds of prop bets for the game:

  • The length of the national anthem (over or under two minutes).
  • Whether her rendition will be lyrically correct.
  • Will Patriots coach Bill Belicheck don his signature hoodie?
  • The color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach.
  • How many times President Trump will tweet during the game (over or under 5).
  • How many times “wardrobe malfunction” will be mentioned?
  • Will any player kneel during the national anthem?
  • Will Al Michaels or Chris Collinsworth say “GOAT?”
  • How many commercials will air with Peyton Manning?
  • Will it be Team Fluff or Team Ruff taking home the Puppy Bowl title?

Surprisingly, there’s no over-under for how inflated the footballs will be during the game. Yet.

Editor’s note: gambling is illegal at North Central according to the Student Handbook. 



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